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We love games! If for education, marketing or purely for entertainment, games are our much lovedprocess of engagement, and we are one of the education-focused companies to employ designers and developers with international experience in creating eLearning and mobile games.Wehave design and built games based eLearning for universities, public companies and the school system.
We use games to both increase engagement and to actually increase understanding of the underlying subject matter. Games allow us to simulate experiences that link the real and virtual worlds.
Need a development partner to bring your game idea to life? Or some ideas on how games can be used to bring an element of fun to the otherwise mundane?


A fruitful e-Learning objective should be able to demonstrate gains that are more than the investment.

― Ghanshyam Sharma (Director) If you need innovative and effective online learning, look no further. We are masters of design and development. As our clients will demonstrate, we deliver e-learning that beats what you imagine and gets your learners enthusiastic for more.