Client Website Requirements

The following document will help you when approaching us for a website quotation – it contains all of the necessary information we need in order to build your proposal as accurately as possible.

Of course, not all information will be relevant to you or your project – please feel free to skip these, or indeed if you do not understand or don’t yet know what you need in a particular area, just leave it blank – we can always ask you at a later date.

Once you’ve completed this form, we will evaluate your requirements and get back to you as soon as possible.

General Information

Please give website URLs where relevant:

Website development Time frame in days

For example, will it be your primary source of income or more of information portal to sell product elsewhere?

This is important to establish your expectations for your project. We may not respond to submissions without a budget figure.

Your Target Audience

Technical Features and Anticipated Scope

To find out how many pages your website should start with, its depends on your business. An estimated figure is sufficient here:

This is digital index and online compass that guides the user around a website helping them discover what they're looking for:

Some sites demand maximum flexibility with content placement, or perhaps different landing page layouts to the rest of the site.

For example: discussion forum, newsletter subscription, online shop (ecommerce), user registration & accounts, blog, gallery, etc.

Branding & Design

A modern business can’t succeed without a professionally looking logo. Your website theme depends on your company logo. Please upload jpg or png logo file here.

if your company already has an established colour scheme or logo colour pattern, it’s essential to include this in your site’s design. Please select the colours that you want to use in your website. This is just for reference as our highly skilled designer will work on this later to give you better result

MulticolorsSelect your choices

eg: Expandable, parallax effect, Slider reference, video slider, mobile responsive etc.

if you want to use specific font style then mention here or leave it blank.

For example: personal, corporate, web2.0, clean, etc.

For example: modern, grungy, bright, colourful, dark, retro, minimalist, neutral, corporate, and paper-made.

This can include layout wireframes, design mock-ups, or full PSD designs. You mail us all the documents on our email..

Additional Information

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That’s It!

Many thanks for taking the time to complete this form.

Please email us Website content and high resolution Logo files on

If you have any additional assets or specification documents that will help us out, please include those too – and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.