How can intuitive site boost your conversion rate?

Boost Your Conversion Rate

The user experience plays a vital role in determining the success of your site. That is why it is imperative to offer a positive user experience. Your web design can plan a vital role here. Visitors don’t love the sites that require them to work hard guessing or figuring out the browsing route. They would rather close the site and one another site on the same topic. Hence you need to design a website that strategically guides the visitor through different elements, pages, and processes as it makes their life easier. Such websites, also known as intuitive websites can also help you increase the conversion rate. There are different ways in which intuitive design can enhance the efficiency of your sites:

An unintuitive website compels your users to figure out the things that aren’t working well and that really annoy them. An intuitive website, on the other hand smartly yet subtly guides your visitors to quickly find what they want and act in a precise manner so as to quickly get the desired output. It also promotes efficient browsing that delivers a positive experience and encourages the visitor to stay on your page for a longer period of time and increases eh possibilities of better CTR.

  • When a new visitor visits your site his major concern is to ascertain whether it really aligns with his objectives. So the first few seconds are spent on evaluating your site.
  • During this time the visitor would like to check the key elements indicating the takeaway for the visitor and whether it aligns with his specific purposes.
  • Here the brain works super fast. It will first scan the major key portions of your site where the vital information is supposed to be present: Starting from left it will travel or rather “hop” to the right corner; quickly glide diagonally to the left corner of your site’s bottom panel and finally jumps to the right portion.
  • During this quick process it “registers” the different key elements available at these strategic points, compare them with the purposes and ascertain if your site syncs with the Person’s objectives. If you will go through this paragraph again you will know that it makes the Z pattern.

How does the Z pattern work?

Now let us see how should you design this strategic Z layout of your site and position the elements intelligently in order to leave a positive impact on the viewer who uses this Z pattern to check your website:

  • Two or three lines of the first paragraphs from the upper horizontal line the letter Z. Make sure that most vital part of your site should be clear by the time the person reads through the third line of your site’s first paragraphs.
  • If you are not able to deliver the value in this crucial portion the brain starts losing interest in scanning further and glides through the middle portion of your site with a negative bias. People browsing through mobile may even tap the back button to look for another site on the similar topic as they are more impatient when compared to their desktop/laptop-using counterparts.
  • As stated above the brain hops instead of crawling or walking when deciding on the relevance of your site. Hence you should use a decent amount of keywords especially in the first 2 -3 line soft your first paragraph.
  • Avoid “lazy phrases” like “While the internet provides you with a huge number of benefits you also need to face the competitions. We promise you to help you achieve success.” Such sentences waste the crucial first lines of your site. Instead, you can use the crisp and quick phrases like “Cut sharp through the competition with our proven and affordable digital marketing services. Two decades of experience, now available at heavy discounts! “In this phrase, you have talked about your services, visitors’ benefits, your experience and the issuant that you are offerings triggers the clients to buy your service instantly. Mot important you have packed all the keywords within a single lie. It will build the positive outlook of the client,