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Creator Shadow is one of the best and well-known eLearning companies, which will mix innovation with the fun of intelligent learning. We give world-class learning answers to different e-learning organizations

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  • We are a dynamic eLearning content development organization and eLearning arrangements supplier; we comprehend our customer necessities and construct e-learning apps that address the issues of our customers.

  • Our select learning the board administrations are overseen by the accomplished group of experts that convey the correct content for the learners.

  • Our reality class learning content administration frameworks center on every student’s special qualities, needs, and premiums.


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    We built your responsive E-learning module with latest technology. We give emphasis on visualization, animations, simulations, and localization so that your E-learning program becomes a valuable tool to teach newbie’s. E-learning has become the new way to make learning fun, and accessible 24/7 to students, teams and colleges. We completely understand that e-learning has to be interactive and intuitive so that it motivates and inspires learners to learn with the e-learning tool.

    Giving knowledge and directing sophisticated instructional courses are constantly easier with our E-Learning Solutions. As an educator, in the event that you are focused on Blended E-learning methodologies, then you will be pleasantly surprised to see that our custom e-learning development stages incorporate that easily. Creator Shadow is one of the best e-learning providers, who understand eLearning arrangements, and incorporate it while designing the comprehensive list of courses.

    Creator Shadow is one of the respected eLearning development companies in Dubai, which will blend technology with the enjoyment of interactive learning. We provide world-class learning answers for different e-learning companies and education companies.

    E-learning Content Development Services

    The ever-increasing need for business associations to keep up online presence likewise fuels demand for specialized content. Quality and engaging content positively influences readers’ perception of the association in general. With its extended team of creative writers, visual designers, and language editors, Creator Shadow provides eLearning content development services for both online and offline media stages. The range of content provided ranges from a wide range of categories.

    Our eLearning content development services process involves a preliminary meeting to generate new ideas on the Client’s requirements. We provide the pooling of ideas by our dedicated team of experienced and well-qualified writers, followed by content development, reviewing,editing, and masterminding. We have a large team of experienced copywriters, duplicate editors, and trained content specialists who understand the sensibilities of the targeted audience and can produce effective and profitable content.

    Future Of E-Learning

    Creator Shadow, being among the top e-learning companies, ensures that its learning arrangements are of the highest benchmarks. Blended E-learning is the demand of the present-day education system which combines the best online education with a conventional block and-concrete in-house education.

    Being one of the best eLearning companies, Creator Shadow will ensure that our online educational materials are appealing at the same time informative. Creator Shadow is one of the few best content providers and our experts will use realistic designing, augmented reality (AR), visual reality (VR) and numerous other technologies to enhance the experience-levels of the students.

    E-learning is evolving, and our answers also are completely in a state of harmony with the overall education system. You will discover the name of Creator Shadow written with golden words in any rundown of eLearning companies.

    How We Analyze Your Needs?

    Being expert providers of e-Learning services, we have a decent handle over international gauges and keep as a main priority the neighborhood influences a preparation program can bear. This enables us to give you an appropriately balanced e-learning arrangement. How our eLearning developers analyze your needs

    • Define your target audience, needs, requirements, and imperatives
    • Find out your objectives and outline the keys of your success
    • Catalog the available content and data resources
    • Evaluate the best suitable delivery method to fulfill your needs and requirements
    • Our e-Learning user interfaces are simple

    How To Improve Employee Engagement And Performance With E-Learning?

    The present learners have elevated standards and it is a steady challenge for Creator Shadow teams to keep up with the learners’ demands and engage them while pushing their performance to the next level.

    E-Learning is a proven delivery model with the potential to change any association. It is an overwhelming errand to choose from a plethora of learning strategies available in addition to the instruments and technologies to consider for implementation.

    We understand this challenge and work with your team in understanding your business needs, audience expectations and technology environments.

    Our learning experts combine creativity, learning methodologies, extensive knowledge in grown-up learning principles alongside numerous instruments and technologies and specialty answers for help you advance your learner’s basic aptitudes, help them increase new abilities, increase engagement, improve performance and construct a solid corporate culture.

    The companies that run a lot of branches can use E-learning to standardize their information. As information is only a click away, the expense and time for preparing the e-learning modules become negligible. Even without spending a lot of time and effort of the experts, employees can be trained in an easy and effective manner that too at a very considerably low cost. Also, with
    E-learning you can:

    • Improve the standard of company’s identity /communication
    • Get Guaranteed High productivity
    • Save your precious time
    • Avoid repetitive Training
    • Saves Cost
    • Build a high-value knowledge asset

    What We Use?

    Creator ShadowE-learning Service is an ideal partner for developing E-learning solution with:

    • Higher quality standards
    • Highly creative team
    • Multi-dimensional experience
    • Latest technology
    • Good infrastructure
    • End to end solutions
    • Motivates learner to learn and excel by
    • utilizing a real-world approach

    Benefits For Companies

    Creator Shadow’s custom-fitted e-learning, mixed projects, and learning games help drive their customers’ organizations by:

    • Making learning encounters customized to business culture and brand that convey results. They assist organizations with inviting new individuals, hold ability, and propel and advise their groups.
    • Mixing their e-learning with existing learning and training projects to make a ‘digital spine’ that makes learning increasingly successful, addresses the issues and ways of life of current students, and expands effect and maintenance.

    For the nature of plan and arrangement to your learning needs, Creator Shadow has a staggering reputation of creating digital learning arrangements that truly convey results.

    Top Projects of Our Company

    Getting online is the one of the most sensible and obvious decisions today.Find your customers who is already looking out for you on the web with Creator Shadow’s superbly designed websites and mobile apps today.

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    What our clients says about us

    They put forth an extremely noteworthy attempt to comprehend our strategic the crowd that we were attempting to reach. The mobile app has conveyed noteworthy advantages to the populace it was focusing on and gotten scholastic acknowledgment around the globe for its development in the uncommon needs space. Creator Shadow has gotten my lifetime consideration by developing a superb mobile application for me with inventive highlights in such a brief timeframe.

    When we went into profound emergencies and there appeared to be no chance to get out sooner or later. Since the cutoff time had come excessively close and we were confused and very terrified about the fallout. Be that as it may, at that point a gift happened and we set up a connection with Creator Shadow. Also, the rest was history as we had the option to accomplish our objective on schedule. Simply unprecedented administrations I would state.

    Developing mobile apps whether for iOS or Android has consistently been a greater test for the vast majority of the ventures. Also, further bugs are spotted with time which makes us not put an excessive amount of trust into anybody. Be that as it may, Creator Shadow is an excellent case as I can completely believe it with my eyes shut, and they carry out the responsibility for me. My own proposal for everybody. I am a major fanatic of their proficiency level.

    We required an educated and reliable organization to build up our mobile app. Creator Shadow constructed our mobile app (iOS and Android), making everything without any preparation. They additionally did the UX, covering an enormous extent of work for us. We love the way the app looks. Creator Shadow's correspondence, the board, and timing are extraordinary. They did a great activity making our vision spring up.