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Trust your luck and play- The best featured rich lottery system FeoT Lotto powered by Creator Shadow. Play online from anywhere using your smartphones or desktop.


Features of The Products

  • Easy Login with Face Recognition
  • Easily Add and Withdraw Funds
  • Get complete transaction history in just a few clicks
  • Track complete details of the Games user have entered and played
  • Allows the user to set a limit to Add Fund in a week
  • Allows the user to set a limit to Spend Fund in a week
  • Live chat and messaging feature

The Situation

The client envisioned presenting a lottery gaming application. The client had concocted an exceptional lottery framework that was absolutely consistent with the law and just as to guidelines of the Government. As per the client’s idea, as opposed to buying the lottery ticket straightforwardly, a user needs to buy collectables from an online store or enlisted actual stores and users will get directs relating toward a buy. Subsequent to accomplishing a base point limit, users are allowed to play the lottery. The client has likewise conceded a patent for this remarkable lottery framework.

  • Conceptualize the lottery framework and change it into a market-prepared item through building user stories, wireframing, UI/UX development, carrying out the business rationale, coding and QA.
  • Develop the lottery framework as two coordinated applications; an eCommerce based stage that permits members to buy items to procure tokens and a lottery application that empowers them to play lottery by choosing numbers. The prerequisite was to give an adjustable backend and frontend, high scalability and fault-proof security.

The Solution

The group began with a top to bottom examination of the business thought to assist the client with characterizing a reasonable item vision and focus on the extension. The underlying test was to decide the ideal technology stack and engineering for both the applications. After breaking down the necessity and looking at a few technology platforms that could support certain boundaries, like speed to advertise, adjustable frontend and backend, scalability, security and so forth Magento CMS was distinguished as the central technology for building the internet business application. The lottery management framework was assembled utilizing the 3-level design thinking about the application’s CPU utilization, sending recurrence, and simple rollback prerequisites. To make the application versatile and effectively sensible we have utilized various latest and most advanced technologies.

The Results

Our technical leadership in characterizing project-level engineering, including design, framework and information technology, assisted the client with dispatching a hearty lottery framework on the lookout. The reaction to the application has been incredibly certain as the portable application got part of download inside long periods of launch and the web adaptation represented parcel of users.

With our broad rundown of services and projects conveyed, each promotion, TV spot, deals signage and piece of advertising has laddered up to the Lottery’s business targets. What’s more, these endeavors are adjusted across the entirety of our controls and expectations.

Technology Overview

FeoT Lotto is one of the largest online lottery system in the gaming industry. Developed by the experienced team of Creator Shadow, this game have all the latest and most advanced features and functionalities. We utilized great platforms and web development frameworks to develop this app and website.