Relevance Of Mobile App Development In The Current Era Of COVID

Mobile applications have taken the middle stage amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. When ventures are grappling under the climate of uncertainty and hardships, mobile apps have demonstrated the solidarity to strengthen a progression of innovations to keep the world running. These large number of mobile apps have assisted us with bravely facing the outbreak and prepared us to embrace the new normal.

Undertaking apps have facilitated remote work and guaranteed business coherence to cultivate the new workplace reality. On-demand apps have engaged everyday citizens with their basic essentials by assisting them with following lockdowns and closures. Social media apps have associated everybody with their friends and family under the tough social distancing standards. Healthcare and Financial apps have catered to the necessities of individuals that required immediate remedial actions holding safety under the circle. Entertainment apps have kept everybody engaged and entertained on troubling occasions.

Education Industry

Local schools, universities, organizations, and colleges are places where a significant level of socializing takes place.

A couple of years back, the education industry took a strategic turn by changing to online education. Presently, web applications are worked to reach further areas and render a more convivial climate for education to develop.

AI integration apparatuses in mobile app development services are also leveraging the advantages of this appeal. Teachers and understudies both engage with the assistance of the digital tool stash. The development and income of the education industry were estimated to the US $46.67 billion.

Online learning apps are popular today and technology has gone into the classroom framework via smart learning.

The demand shows the correct advances taken by the educational industry, and the move towards online learning has demonstrated to be more practical when social distancing happened. We should take a gander at some data, supporting online education over cross platforms.

  • The overall e-learning market is estimated to be worth US $325 billion by 2025.
  • The rate of utilization for online learning in US Corporation was approx. 77 percent in 2017, which transcended 95 percent in 2020.
  • Around 67 percent of US companies offered mobile learning.
  • Between the years 2001-2017, the e-learning society increased more than 900 percent in companies.
  • A review of 2,500 companies brought 218 percent and 24 percent higher income for every worker and overall revenue separately.

The e-learning market is forecasted to surpass the US $243 billion by 2022. Specifically, around 42 percent of companies say that e-learning leads to a significant increase in income.

It saves the expense of traveling, leasing lodging, hardware, and adaptability of educators to record videos at their own time. Also, for ecological reasons, the online learning program is being advanced.

Food Industry

Everybody is requesting food online nowadays and is anything but unexpected that online food delivery apps are set to grow to wallop USD $200 billion by 2025 with the assistance of React Native app development companies. Online food delivery apps are turning out to be more popular because of how rapidly you can arrange straightforwardly on your smart devices. Online food delivery is presently easier than heating up frozen meals in a microwave.

The online food delivery app development offers thousands of restaurants and a large number of amazing dishes. This industry has developed rapidly because clients want to arrange food online instead of expenditure protracted hours and waiting in line at a physical location.

  • The online food delivery fragment is estimated to gain an income of US $122,739 million every 2020.
  • The annual development rate of income is 7.5 percent, which can raise the market volume by the US $164,002 million by 2024.
  • The platform for customer delivery gains a market volume of the US $62,798 million every 2020.

Film Industry and Live Streaming

According to reports, during the initial three weeks of the pandemic, we have seen the development of 1 million clients on TV streaming services, increasing the total perspectives on up to 21 million clients. The entertainment industry is becoming faster than ever because of isolation and staying at home with nothing else to do. YouTube, Disney+, Netflix, and other streaming video websites are benefitting during the pandemic. Mobile app development services are also popular to develop these similar kinds of apps and motivating individuals to start online streaming organizations.

Tech SaaS Products

The quarantined world is as yet operating while at the same time working from home. With the start of the global lockdown, organizations are presently depending on remote working management software and online gathering platforms, for example, slack and zoom.

These businesses help in keeping the economy stable by giving remote apparatuses. Time tracking apps and online meeting app arrangements is keeping the industry at pace while maintaining the software industry’s health.

The US and European industries depend heavily upon the rethinking destinations for IT and mobile development services. Small endeavors are reliant on the re-appropriated work and in-house, teams are presently replaced with work from home culture.

Online remote management software is essential and thusly the software as an assistance industry is in profitable share with SaaS application development.


The outbreak has flipped around everybody’s lives wherein the mobile apps have appeared as a savior guaranteeing a promising future ahead.

It’s very clear from what we as a whole have experienced that remote work, education, social media, healthcare, financial, retail, and so forth, apps have kept various organizations afloat during the emergency and satisfied clients’ demands. The current pandemic has constrained each business house to contemplate outdated communication tactics, technologies, and frameworks. Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence can mark the start of infusing smart technologies in mobile apps.

Google Play and the App Store are set to feature AR and VR apps to serve the demanding client base. The part of Beacon technology is exceptionally significant across each conceivable domain. The corporate landscape will observe the ascent of moving technologies in mobile apps as we have talked about above. Integrating present-day technologies into mobile apps can take client solace to new skylines. Coronavirus pandemic has set digitalization and the need to digitize has developed massively. We will observe many more organizations with a mobile app more than ever!