Things to Consider Before Outsourcing Software Development

Before all the other things, let us first take a look at three normal models of software development outsourcing. These models give you the alternative to outsource dependent on your requirements.


In the project-based outsourcing model, the software project’s start to finish the executives is given to the outsourcing agency, which will deal with the task from beginning to end. Before the task starts, you and the outsourcing software development company concur on the project’s expense and cutoff time.

In any case, it is significant that the project cost depends not on the number of working hours and the assets utilized. Here the developers have full oversight of the arranging and execution of the task. Outsource utilizing the task-based model when the accompanying conditions are met:

  • Clear project necessities
  • Fixed project scope
  • Both parties have consented to the set cutoff time

Dedicated team

In case you are hoping to assign various ventures to an outsider supplier, your most ideal choice is to recruit a committed team to fill in as an augmentation of your primary team. In this model, a gathering of experts comprising of software developers, designers, UX specialists will cooperate to guarantee that your project will run along easily and successfully.

In a devoted team model, the expense depends on the number of working hours and colleagues recruited. When would it be a good idea for you to utilize a committed team?

  • If you need a drawn-out relationship with the outsourcing provider
  • If the software is highly adaptable
  • If your software needs ordinary maintenance and update

Staff augmentation

In staff increase, the out sourcing company assembles the software development team however you manage with the center processes. Also, you are the one liable for appointing the assignments of the gathering. Then again, the supplier checks the efficiency and laborer-related concerns like excursions and compensations.

The staff augmentation model is ideal assuming you need the accompanying:

  • More contribution in the development process
  • More innovative control of the project

Factors to Consider When Outsourcing

Before outsourcing, there are certain things you need to consider first:

Your exact needs

Ensure you realize what sorts of services you need to outsource precisely and why with set clear targets and timelines. Know what functionalities you will require and what market specialty you’re focusing on – it will make the participation simpler for the two sides. You likewise need to list every one of the highlights you are dispatching in the agreement! Then, at that point prepare for discovery and follow-up calls with the companies you picked simultaneously; you need to work with one yet at the same time, need to get your work done and have something like two to browse.

Company location

Offshoring or nearshoring (rather than onshoring) may assist you with reducing software development costs while keeping up with the ideal quality of your product. Check where your potential worker for hire is based, it will affect your project spending budget. Compensations fluctuate across landmasses and nations – as a rule, software development companies in Central Europe charge not exactly those situated in North America or Western Europe. You may find that you will actually want to accomplish more than you at first conceived by appointing your work to a particular country like Poland! What’s more, in the new post-COVID reality, you ought to know that many companies will offer types of assistance with far-off teams.

Industry experience

Experience consistently checks! Pick a worker for hire that has effectively carried out projects in your area or have specialists in-house with explicit information. Their experience will be useful in the full lifecycle product and software development process, and they might have the option to share counsel on highlights that are significant for your clients that you may have missed. Outsourcing software development isn’t just about setting aside cash; it is likewise about having abilities that might be absent in the house. Recollect additionally that a product development accomplice should add esteem with the product team supporting you as well as to utilize the abilities, all things considered, whenever required.

Technical expertise

A decent IT company will pursue the most recent directions and put resources into teaching its product developers. The more extensive their tech stack, the better! On the off chance that you need explicit innovation that isn’t highlighted in the possible worker for hire’s portfolio, e.g., Go software language, ask how long they should track down the significant specialists. Some product companies are likewise important for associations (like CSHARK is essential for Software Development Association Poland, an association with more than 3000 software specialists accessible in different spaces and verticals).

Quality Assurance

The more consideration the company puts into quality evaluation and maintenance, the less difficulty you will have once the product is dispatched. Check whether the company guarantees continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) pipelines, regardless of whether they perform relapse testing when changes are applied to the code and what tools they use for logging issues and overseeing overabundances.

Development process

Acclimating yourself to the company’s division of projects and how they arrange the development interaction will assist you with anticipating how it will impact your collaboration. Knowing how long each progression of the technique endures is instrumental in arranging exercises identified with the product dispatch. It will likewise assist you with understanding the expenses engaged with the project – it’s nice to concur that payments will be made upon the fruition of every achievement. Notwithstanding, perhaps you incline toward the time and material model (T&M) where payments are made dependent on the number of development hours spent on your project in a given month? A few companies lean toward the fixed time/project model. Check and concur with your product accomplice in advance on the model you embrace.

Project management style

Adaptability in the development cycle is essential for project progression when changes are probably going to occur. Pick an accomplice that qualities nimble software development rehearses and can adjust to changing needs all through the interaction. It is likewise fundamental that the outsourcing company has got project the boarding process set up, including tools to execute them (e.g., Jira to manage with the interaction). For certain companies, it is likewise urgent that they can acclimate to what the client is anticipating. Grounded companies may have their tools and processes, and the product accomplice should fit them.

Communication methods

Full straightforwardness is an absolute necessity. Inadequate communication may prompt task disappointment, so concur on the most helpful communication channels for your far-off team. Guarantee the company is available to standard gatherings when you can plainly convey business objectives. It is urgent, particularly these days, in the COVID/post-COVID period when most communication is done distantly, and versatility to devices like Zoom, Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Hangouts is an absolute necessity. Communication is additionally about taking care of time contrasts between time zones. Those companies which can work nonstop or possibly cover a few hours in the time region you work in ought to be proffered. To wrap things up – the capacity to deliver in specialized and business English is an absolute necessity have. Not just for a project manager or delivery manager supporting you yet additionally for the product team supporting you day by day.

The dedicated outsourcing software development team

Know who at the company will be liable for the general project. On the off chance that all the software developers at the potential outsourcing company are outside workers for hire and not full-time representatives, the task may become vague, which could adversely affect the result. The most ideal alternative is to have a committed delivery or project manager the team coding and supporting you. Such a delivery manager isn’t just going about as a team attendant yet in addition as your right-hand in the nearshore or seaward area, keeping all concurred KPIs set up and observing the development.

Security and compliance

The potential merchant should be fully informed regarding security and compliance measures. Is it true that they are consistent with GDPR or different guidelines applicable to your area? What systems will be utilized to store information and ensure passwords, and how might they move toward protection issues? Change the Non-Disclosure Agreement to your requirements before it’s agreed upon. Recall about information security perspectives, VPN arrangement, and if the team works distantly – an appropriate design of their locally situated Wi-Fi equipment.

Company reviews

Knowing what different clients think about your potential software development accomplice may help you settle on the right choice or feature likely warnings. Websites like Clutch and GitHub are a great wellspring of fair-minded opinions on IT software development companies universally. During the time spent picking the right software accomplice, make sure to get some information about direct reference contacts, go through 15min with somebody who has insight into an IT company, and get their point of view.