Top Applications of COVID-19

Mobile apps are playing a major function in the response to the Covid-19 pandemic. These apps are being used to follow contaminated individuals, issue self-isolate guidelines, give the latest correspondence to the citizens, and ease the weight on medical services staff. All through the world, from South Korea to Poland, the apps have been downloaded by millions of individuals. European Union is intending to reveal its own app and has issued guidelines for the same. Apple and Google, the two Silicon Valley tech giants, have held hands for the development of an app that will assist medical care organizations.

Technology has acted as the hero in diagnosing those influenced, distinguishing hotspots, and get real-time updates. While there is an issue of data protection at stake, most of the app developers are presently attempting to set up mechanisms to safeguard user security.

The coronavirus flare-up has spread global frenzy, with individuals searching without a doubt for ways to ensure them. Medtech startups, medical care organizations, and others carry applications and online services to the market to assist individuals with tracking the virus, check for symptoms, and offer guidance on ways to help forestall exposure or much offer testing methods that limit exposure risk.


Developed as a team with Stanford University, the app empowers individuals to secure themselves and their communities without the need of surrendering their protection. It uses Bluetooth signals to distinguish users when they are in vicinity to one another and alerts them anonymously in the event that they were in contact with someone who has tested positive. A distinguishing highlight of the app is that any outsider, including the government, won’t have the option to follow who was exposed by whom. It has been among the first apps to release an open-source convention for protection preserving, decentralized Bluetooth contact following.


Within just 13 days of its dispatch, AarogyaSetu has been downloaded by in excess of 50 million users and has become the most downloaded app on the planet to follow Covid-19. The app has been developed by the Indian Ministry of Electronics and IT to advise users in the event that they have crossed paths with someone who has been diagnosed positive. Tracking is done through Bluetooth and an area created a diagram that charts closeness with anybody contaminated.

Once the app is installed, the users are needed to switch on their Bluetooth and Location sharing and keep them on always for powerful tracking. The app also has a self-testing capacity. A user has to answer a couple of questions, and on the off chance that the responses demonstrate symptoms of coronavirus; at that point the data is sent to the government servers. The app also provides self-isolate instructions. AarogyaSetu is accessible in 11 languages on both Android and iOS platforms.

Let’s Beat Covid-19 is designed to permit members of the public to complete a short survey about their wellbeing and exposure to COVID-19 altogether that wellbeing services can save more lives. It has been developed by MedShr, an app used by over 1,000,000 doctors in diagnostics. The public is asked to fill a short anonymous survey about them, and they are also permitted to enter in data about their relatives.


TraceTogether is a famous smartphone app that can be downloaded by anybody with a Singapore mobile number and a Bluetooth-empowered smartphone. It is a contact following app that uses Bluetooth to follow tainted individuals and inform those who were in close closeness to them during the past 15 days. The app doesn’t gather data about GPS area or WiFI/mobile organization. At the point when two individuals using the app are close to one another, the two phones will use Bluetooth to trade a Temporary ID. This Temporary ID is produced by encoding the User ID with a private key held by the Ministry of Health (MOH). It must be decoded by MOH and does not uncover your character or the other person’s personality. The app has been developed by the Government Technology Agency (GovTech) as a team with MOH, and it has become a model for some, another contact following apps in different parts of the world.


FluSense is a self-contained system that monitors public spaces and counts individuals who hack. This assortment of data is classified, and the data is passed on to wellbeing authorities. This thought’s development was provoked because most of the data comes from hospitals when it is past the point where it is possible to take preventive measures. Also, in particular, there are sick individuals and don’t seek help since there is no cash for therapy. Consequently, this system is rarely pertinent.

FluSense consists of a warm imager, a microphone, and a minimal registering system that runs an AI model prepared to recognize individuals and hack sounds. FluSense can grow the arsenal of wellbeing surveillance tools used to foresee seasonal outbreaks of flu and other respiratory viral outbreaks such as the COVID-19 pandemic or SARS.

Covid Symptom Tracker

This app has been designed by doctors and researchers at the King’s College London and St. Thomas hospitals, in partnership with a private medical care organization called Zoe Global. The app studies the symptoms of the virus for cutting edge research and furthermore helps track how it spreads. The scientists break down high-risk areas in the UK, speed of virus spread, and the weakest gathering, based on medical issues. The app is GDPR consistent and data is used uniquely for medical care research and not commercial purposes.

What is the discovery phase?

The discovery or scoping phase is the process of get-together and examining data about a venture, its proposed market, and the audience. It allows you to increase a comprehensive and top to bottom understanding of goals, scope, and limitations.

At this stage, we decide the end-users and what needs the application can solve, and what requirements will be for it. Based on this, the requirements specification is constructed. This archive contains the data needed for theapp development.